Wednesday, January 29

Visiting Nita Cosmetics' Booth

Hi Friends!
Have you ever heard of the brand Nita Cosmetics? It is a homegrown brand from our local sweetheart, Miss Aznita.

 I know that Nita Cosmetics have been around the market for a few years but honestly, I have been amazed by the packaging, the designs, their creativity and they are always at the forefront of making amazing cute and practical products.

Yes, I have received their PR gift, back in 2019. So far, I really love their lipsticks and blushes. Indeed very decent and high quality. Also, they were the first local brand to come out with their personalized filter and they boosted the fun by doing a huge giveaway. That was their biggest take out for me. Exposure wise was on point. The filter was fun to use.

Ok enough of their background. I went to their physical store or booth located at IOI City Mall, I love the presentation of the vendor and also they have nice staff who works there. Also, you can pay using FAVE to get 10% discount.

Tadaaaaa! I bought these setting spray. Mainly because of the packaging, it feels and look cute with a great quality. They setting spray  can act as a primer before make up as well. It was a great window shopping experience. But I cannot stay long. Or else I will end up purchasing it lol. Great work, Nita Cosmetics, Hats off!


MyKori at Mahkota Cheras Kajang

Hi Korang.
I ada review makanan ni! Excited tak?
Harini I saja je nak cakap dalam Bahasa Malaysia. So pada hari sabtu, I pergi jumpa dengan kawan kawan untuk makan or rasa MyKori, I tak pasti kalau MyKori ni sama dengan KakiYuki ke tak. Rasa dia sama. Sedap lah. I suka! So yang warna brown ni nama dia Milo KakiGori and satu lagi tu Mount Fuji nama dia.

Price dia ialah RM22 untuk besar dan RM14 untuk kecil. Yes, ada yang cakap mahal untuk ice kepal je. Tapi I promise rasa dia tak macam ice kepal. Ice dia sangat mulus (idk the exact term in Bahasa Malaysia but the ice is shaved finely!) Yums!.

Haritu, time I pergi diorang buat promo tau. RM20.20 keatas, second bowl tu you bayar RM2.20 je. Sangat berbaloi baloi. Next time kalau korang visit, tag la I. Boleh I tengok and rasa perasa baru.

The location yang I pergi ialah di Mahkota Cheras, Kajang. Boleh try sebab tak ramai orang dan tempat dia very chill. Ok thank you sebab sudi baca post I. Bye bye.


Natta Cosme x Thayers Toner

Hi Guys!
I just recently tried this Thayers Toner. I am still in the midst of trying it.

A’bloom Guess The Baby - Baby Shower

Hi Friends!
I went to A’Bloom’s “Guess the Baby” - Baby Shower! It was a really fun event. So Althea Korea invited me to join their event on this beautiful Saturday morning to reveal their new 2 masks.

The fun-activities consisted of having desserts and appetizers, quiz time, reveal of the masks, ice breaking session, draw your desired masks and the reveal of Berry-Me-Baby and Coco-Me-Up. I am in love with the names of these masks tho.

Next, Althea is having 11% storewide discount by using the code LUNAR11. Thank you Mamasan, Tammy Lim for inviting me to this funtabulous party! Bye bye.


Friday, November 8

The Fish Bowl at The Signature Market Breast Cancer Event (October 2019)

Hi friends! This was my first time trying a Poke Bowl in my life. Wowzaa I am not a fan of vegetables. I honestly eat vegetables to balance out my diet only and I am never a fan of it. However, when I went to Signature Market's Breast Cancer Awareness event, I got to try out the pokebowl from The Fish Bowl. Yay! I tried option C because sis do not eat raw and sis only like chicken to be exact. The presentation was really really good. Really caught my attention to try it to be honest. I asked everyone and everyone seemed to really like it. Mine had green pesto I believe, which tasted like grass. The price is RM17.90 per bowl if I am not mistaken. To be very very honest, it was not for my tastebud. It was scrumptious according to others but I feel like the smell of chick pea and cucumber were too over powering for me. However, I enjoyed the food and it is good to try something new at times. So, if you guys love vegetables and healthy food, this is a very healthy option for you guys. I had to get my own food after the event. Please enjoy the pictures below. Till then!


Behind Closed Doors

Hi friends,
I am writing here today to adhere my feelings into writings. Honestly this week had been a roller coaster of emotion for me. I am writing it down here because I am feeling a little woe today. I got admitted in KPJ Specialist due to stomach pain. I feel like whenever I am sick, it really plays with my emotions as well.

These days I feel too lonely to the extend that I feel unwanted and too sad. I know this is just a phase. It is not because I need somebody with me in my life. I never experience any love issues as an adult. However, I feel so drifted with my family. I used to be very close intact with all of my family members but these days I feel away. I come back from work very late at night most of the days. I do not get to spend my days with my family members. Everyone is just muted. Nobody really takes the effort to talk to each other. Everyone is behind closed doors. Words unspoken. I do not know. I am so so sad these days. I just cannot cope with my own feelings. I do not have anyone to talk to, that is the only reason why I am active on social media. God, bless my heart. Make me as strong as ever because I really need to go through my days. Till then!


Thursday, November 7

Cezanne x Watsons Malaysia Event (August 2019)

Hi Friends!

It is Keera from Keeracakedherface on Instagram. Honestly I do not know why do I even start writing this post but I feel like my platform on Instagram is not enough for me to express my feelings and thoughts when I go to events. Usually on Instagram it is not that in depth so I decided to share it here on my personal blog. Yes, my blog is all about me dealing with depression and loss. But this post and the next few posts are going to be beauty related. Hehe. Good for a change ay?

These are all the goodies that I received from Cezanne Cosmetics Japan. Cezanne is a sister company to Canmake Cosmetics. Both brands are very famous in Japan. In Malaysia, not many people know about it because in my humble opinion, Malaysians are more into Korean makeup. Many got hit with the K-Wave. As for me, I am a fan of Anime and Japan for a long long time. Seeing Japanese makeup debut in our local drugstores really made me happy!

I got a character drawing, drawn by a beautiful lady. I could not find their accounts to credit them though, but it is totally cute!

Here are some of my friends' characters. From left is Keera (Me), Jessie and Xinnie.

I also got to meet these beautiful Malay bloggers in person. Always engaged with them via social media but I think this was my first time meeting them.

Here are all of the makeup Cezanne released! All very cute and dainty. So my style and I am very happy that their qualities are top notch, My favourites are their quad blushes and their highlighter. So pigmented and very easy to work with.
Over here is the beauty bar where we can try out the goods and also the plants they had there really caught my attention.
Watsons Malaysia had this event along with Cezanne Cosmetics and here are all of the upper level bosses for the brand, from Japan and Malaysia. Ah I was also the face model during that time. Great opportunity for me!
So here was my makeup of the day, close up and unfiltered lol.

The event was held for 1 hour plus including demo session and they had snacks for us to munch on during their tea session. Scrumptious indeed!!

This cutie right here was one of the party coordinator, I honestly owe her a lot. She helped me with my journey a lot and I will always owe her. Thank you.

I am not an influencer man, I do not know how they do it so effortlessly. I am just a random makeup lover who got invited to an event lol.

Here they also had a sale! RM50 for 2 items. Such a good deal. 

Overall, I really had fun during the event. I met so many wonderful people and built networking. I love going to events that I do not feel insecure about myself. This so happened to be one of it. It was a great opportunity indeed. My tips are you need to be welcoming and friendly eventhough you are an introvert. Mingle around people. Do not only meet one certain person and stick there. Also if you have a friend who does not know anyone, introduce your other friends to them. I really think that this is helpful. Jessie was early like me and  I had no friend to begin with. So I went with her and Xinnie and they started to introduce me to other bloggers and influencers. It was an excellent gesture. I would totally do the same to next time. Btw, you guys can buy these makeup at Watsons Malaysia. You will surely love it. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. 

Till then, 
Keera Sara

Monday, August 12

The Art of Letting Go

Hi friends,
Actually I have so many blogposts that I do not have the guts to publish. However, I am confused with my own well-being. I thank everyone who have been with me throughout my hardships. I sincerely thank you for checking up on me. Just that these days, I feel like my depression is at a state that is so alarming. I needed help badly. I have no time to consult and I feel like nobody would understand. The ones who are close to me are starting to distant themselves from me. I am distancing myself from everyone as well. I am sorry. I do not want to bring any negative vibes in your life. Therefore, I chose to stay and be alone. I feel like everything triggered my sadness. It is so heartbreaking when the people you love wholeheartedly turned their backs on you. I know I will be okay, just give me time to heal and whenever I am recovering from my heartache, it is just one to another. I wish my family understands. I wish I could tell them that my condition is alarming and I needed help badly.

I am aware that I am already 24 this year. I recently turned 24 a few weeks ago. Birthdays are something that my mom used to make a big fuss of. This year, I feel so let down by my own family. At least, have the courtesy to give me a birthday hug or a birthday kiss. I miss you mom, I really do. People will tell me to move on, to let go. I am trying. But I have so much burden I have carried behind me for these past two years. I tried doing so many things to distract myself from this sadness. I feel physically sick as well. I am so stressed out to the point I fell asick on a daily.

 I have nothing to offer but please pray for my well-being and I wish to come back stronger than ever. I wish to become genuinely happy. These days I just feel like I need to portray myself as a happy person all day long and it is honestly draining. Thank you for the ones who always text or check up on me. You are the gems that I could never replace. Till then!


Saturday, May 11

Losing A Mom and A Best Friend

Hello everyone. 

I would like to wish all moms a Happy Mother’s Day. All of you are amazing. I pray for your health and prosper along with every happiness in this world. 

To my late Ibu, 
I miss you very dearly. A year has passed but I do not seem to move forward even an inch. It is really hard growing up without your love and attention. I crave for the love you gave me. I crave for the hugs and kisses you always give me. I miss going to the surau for taraweeh and get a hug and a forehead kiss every single time. I have to admit, I feel so jealous when everyone leans to their moms during ceramah. I miss talking to you and guessing what are the food they are planning to serve during moreh. I miss your nasi ayam. That was the last real meal you made us. I remembered the taste of it and I told you that you should sell it because it was scrumptious. 

I know, people are getting tired of me talking about you. But I feel so lost and alone. I feel like I have no support system anymore. With you, I felt secure. With you, I knew that things are moving well even though I know everything is breaking apart. You knew all the right words to calm me down. You knew how to comfort me when I get hurt by someone. You always supported me when other people do not even acknowledge me. It sucks knowing that you will never get to be called a grandma one day. It kills me everytime you said that you will never know my boyfriend until you die. I wish I knew that you will leave me this early. 

Two years ago, before raya you told dad to celebrate raya in Ipoh with opah. Her words are very clear in my mind. “Jom lah raya Ipoh selagi opah ada. Berapa lama lagi kita nak raya Ipoh kan?”. Little did I know, that was your last raya ever. That raya was so humbling to me. We had financial constraints but during raya, you made the best out of it. That was the best raya I have ever experienced in my entire life. Ibu, I wish I could buy you a Duck shawl and telekung Siti Khadijah that you always wanted. I wish I had the money to buy when you were still here. Now that I always get free stuff from PR, I wish I could share with you. I wish I could make a make over video with you during Mother’s day like everybody did. It hurts like crazy when I see everyone be posting photos of their moms. I wish I could give you one last hug mom. I wish you could wipe my tears and pat me to bed tonight. I am drenched in tears. I am a total mess. If only I could turn back time and treat you like a queen. I would. But back then, I was 22, jobless and during my first pay, you got really sick. I never get bored of taking care of you. Deep in my heart, I really need you here today. But I know you would be vegetative and you would want to give up your life if you are still present up till today. 

My life has been a total mess ever since and everyone thinks that I am doing okay. It is okay ibu. I am learning to live without you. I am learning to take steps without you. I am learning to move on at my own phase. I just wish you could see me now. I know you are there looking for me. I know that you are there witnessing me. I wish that you are just a phone call away. But we are in two different worlds now. I pray for you now and then. I will forever miss you. I still cry over you on a daily basis. I miss you so much and as always, I love you to the moon and back.