Thursday, March 17

What To Expect : Curricular Vitae / Visume

Hi everyone, today I would like to share with you the steps of doing a proper Curricular Vitae/Visume. Yes, I can only tell the mistake after creating a visume for my assignment. Here is mine:

The mistakes that I can clearly see from my CV :

  1. The words are not precise 
  2. Vague usage of words
  3. Limited time
  4. Chaos of the animation or edits in the video
What YOU should do in your CV :
  1. Use simple vocabs
  2. Be precise 
  3. Clear intonation 
  4. If the time is limited, do not dodge on too much information
  5. Use simple edits if you are an amature

  1. Include your personal details such as your name
  2. Include your background - studies, family background
  3. Make your CV related to your work experience or the work you are aiming for
  4. Make sure you proofread your CV before sending it to anyone, you do not want to have any any grammar mistakes.
  5. Be neat and do not insert irrelevant details to your CV.
I hope this will help you a bit since I am still a student myself. I still have many things to change and to correct. Thanks for your time, till then.


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