Tuesday, March 29

What to Expect : Formal Event as an Intern

Hi, good morning everyone. Have you ever wonder how would you go to an event as a newbie at a workplace? What to expect and who are the people you are going to meet? And most important thing is how to handle yourself at the event? I am going to share my experience with some of my readers here then.

Firstly, you should know what the event is about. Ask your supervisor or your monitor about the event so that you would not feel so blank when you are at the hall. You should at least know the time and the venue to go there. Next, you should know the dress code. Self-explanatory it is. Here is a quick tip, if it is "Semi Formal" you should dress formally. Wear a sleek looking t-shirt and a pair of black slacks. "Casual" does not mean that you can wear jeans to work, nope, it does not work that way. For "Casual" outfit, just wear a plain top and a black pants. I would usually wear it tucked inside of my pants because as an Intern, I do not want to look like I am older than my age.

The things you should consider bringing to the event :

  1. A note book
  2. A pen
  3. Your phone
  4. An iPad or a Tablet

Nothing more than that. Write down anything that the speaker is talking at the front. Usually, they would tell about the company's accomplishments, the KPI, CAPEX, and all of those jazz. It could be useful for your Internship report. Avoid being or looking awkward. Just so you know, I am the awkwardest person that you will ever meet. As an Intern, you would feel a lil bit isolated from the others. It is because you would not sit with your manager, supervisor, monitor and co-workers.

You might ended up sitting alone. I ended up sitting at the secretarial table. There people will talk to you and ask you about your background. Show a good image and a decent personality to the people there. You will live up your University's name, for sure. Then again, write down any random things you will see on the screen to avoid the awkward tension. 

Be open. Be friendly and be approachable. DO NOT ALWAYS USE YOUR PHONE. It gives you a bad image. You will look so stuck up. Only use it for the purpose of taking down notes. Do not play games on your iPad. Be professional when you attend formal events. When there is a meal break, I would suggest to you to go a tad late from the other staff. You are not an official staff at the company you are interning in. After the line is clear, then, you can take any food you want. Eat moderately and be friendly to the people who took initiative to talk to you. Last but not least, be mature at any times and do not make a fool out of yourself. Remember, you are an intern. I wish you luck and have fun. The experience is worth of your time. Trust me. Till then!


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