Thursday, March 31

What To Expect : Lethargic af

Hi everyone. Most of you guys are still in a holiday mood aren't you? Well not me. I have to get up at 5.00am every morning. Well let us not talk about work in this post. Ok firstly, what is lethargic? Lethargic is some sort of laziness or lack of energy : feeling or affected by lethargy. I always feel this way every single day. Okay, no. But at least about 4 days out of 7 days, I feel sluggish as heck. Ok here are some tips and tricks for those who experience the same thing as me.

1. Drink a lot of water.
(sape je tah yang tak tahu kan?)
Here is a calculator for you to know how much you should drink a day. Too much water is not good, so be moderate.
Click Here to Calculate

2. Take a shot of caffeine
For those who are on Atkins diet, you should skip this because no sugar intake is allowed during the induction weeks. Okay, for Atkins, I will blog about it later.
Caffeine can help us to stay awake. I am a caffeine lover, but avoid drinking coffee every day. Do not take excessive amount of coffee. However, as quoted from MSN, "study has found caffeine to increase brain function which includes memory, mood, reaction times and general cognitive function."

3. Spray your face with a facial mist
I am not promoting but I use Evian Face Mist to freshen up. I am selling it for RM18. You can also use Avene or Nature Republic's but Evian would always be my first choice. It will definitely help you to wake up, a little.

4. Brush your teeth, whenever you are sleepy.
Yes, I used this trick since I took my SPM. Whenever you brush your teeth, your mind will think that you are ready to start your day.

5. This is optional. But Minyak Cap Kapak on the eye area.
Okay, I am not kidding about this one. But it works well for me. I like anything breezy and minty on my face. I usually apply a little amount of minyak cap kapak below my "aegyo sal". I swear, you will get fresh, right after. 
Warning : Do not rub your eyes. Do not let it in your eyeballs. Wash immediately if you cannot stand it. Do not tell the doctor that I teach you this. 

6. My favorite, massage your pressure points. (Optional : rub it with Minyak Cap Kapak)
This is a Chinese method I learnt back then, Press 10 times for 10 secs at every pressure point.

Pressure Points that I massage on myself are :
  • On the temples (or nearby where your spectacles are)
  • Behind the ears 
  • On the hand
  • On the palm 

You can check it out here

7. Do not take a nap
I do not believe in naps. I will feel sleepier right after. Force yourself to stay awake, do not do cat naps because you will feel more sleepy after that. Trust me.

8. Chew some ice.
Yeap, chew them.

9. Listen to EDM musics.
My friend, Tasha, told me to do this to keep my mind boggling for a bit. Thank you for the tip.

10. Do not forget your Vitamins.
I swear, whenever I take my vitamin in the morning, I could stay up without feeling lethargic. Still sleepy but not as bad. Mine is from Nutrilite (Daily). Trust me, it works well. 

Okay, I hope this helps for all of you sleepy heads. Good luck and do tell me if it works for you. Thank you for reading. Till then!


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