Monday, April 25

What To Expect : Bullet Journals

Hi lovelies, have you ever heard of a bullet journal? If you haven't already, Bullet Journal is a type of self-inspired organization system. In a bullet journal, it may contain various of  your to-do lists, your place to let out of your creativity, your diary and your vision based on your perspective.

I started doing my bullet journal since I was 10. I remembered buying Diary of A Wimpy Kid : Do It Yourself book and Wreck this Journal when I was a lot younger. Sadly I could not show you the pictures of my old bullet journals, the wimpy book and my "wreck this journal" because previously, my room was under construction and I do not know where are those precious books anymore.

Okay! Back to our topic. Bullet Journal is not only catered to younger kids or adults. Eevryone can get inspired by it. Based on the above picture I attached, you can try those ideas to write a post on your blog and also your bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Ideas : Days of Productivity

Write these Lists of 

To Do's 

  1. To watch 
  2. To buy 
  3. To read
  4. Where to go for roadtrips
  5. To record (Youtube)
  6. To listen to (Albums/Songs)
  7. To visit


  1. Habit tracker
  2. Spending tracker
  3. Sleep log
  4. Dream journal
  5. The o'cliche life goals
  6. Real life goals
  7. Achievements
  8. "One Smile A Day"
  9. Birthdays (Friends, Families)
  10. "Why am I sad today" page
  11. Study/School goals


  1. Favorite quotes
  2. Swatch of your favorite pen and highlighters colors
  3. Favorite swatches of your current favorites
  4. Washi tapes or Receipts
  5. Favorite songs at the moment
  6. Advice page


  1. Studyblr ideas
  2. Studying techniques
  3. Playlists atm
  4. Banner page
  5. Doodle page
  6. Handwriting page
  7. Techniques to share/ Tips and tricks


  1. Favorite items of the month
  2. 6 word stories
  3. Wishlists
  4. Pinterest Ideas
  5. Studygram past ideas
  6. Write your drafts (check out your Twitter or social media drafts)
  7. Song of the day 
  8. What you learnt in life and give your advice
  9. Food expiration date
  10. Your dumbest stories or experience 


  1. School schedule
  2. Professor or teachers' information
  3. Your school's grading system
  4. Weird things that happened in school list
  5. Weird things that happened in work list
  6. Best food in school list
  7. Best food at the office cafeteria list
  8. Improvement tracker
  9. Grades tracker
  10. Meal Plan Tracker

Here are some ideas you can do and please share to me if you did one of it. I will love to see your creation or blogpost. (Ceh konon famous je) Thanks for reading and I will post more soon. Till then!


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