Tuesday, April 12

What to Expect : Freddo Street Ice Cream

Hi everyone!

This going to be my first "Eatery" section for What to Expect. I am no food blogger nor an extreme foodie. I am an risk adverse person (ceh), I only like to eat at the places that I am familiar with. But, a few weeks back, I went back to my hometown and had a late night walk with my parents. Nearby Gerbang Malam, Ipoh, there are many cool looking cafes for you cafe hunters. I've been to a few of them and the price range are so affordable as compared to KL.

I came across Freddo Street Ice Cream. If I am not mistaken, they have two stalls nearby Gerbang Malam. I am not so sure about it. Freddo only sells Rolled Ice Cream.

Mine! Vanilla ice cream and toppings! Yum.

Honest review from me :

  1. Presentation  = 4/5
  2. Taste = 3.8/5
  3. Convenience = 4/5
  4. Attraction = 5/5
  5. Price Affordability = 4/5

Tadaah. My toppings were salted pretzels, horlick flakes and a chocolate coated biscuits. I love the mixture or salted pretzel and the sweetness combined. Though it is a little bit time consuming, I like the chill concept. You can customize the topping and try it. Overall, stop by to their stall when you are in Ipoh. I am sure you will like it if you do not have a sweet tooth like me. (Or is it because I didn't take any sweet toppings). The price is definitely affordable, with or without topping, you will be charger RM 4.20. They have it in Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream. I like the Vanilla one, better.

Looks cute right? I cannot move on from the concept itself, it's very unique. To those who are interested in tasting the scrumptious ice creams, make sure you drop by at Gerbang Malam when you are in Ipoh. 

P.s : This is just my personal opinion and not sponsored. Till then!

Here are some information about them :
Freddo Ice Cream Truck, [Gerbang Malam] Ipoh


Freddo @kondakondicafe,Ipoh


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