Thursday, May 19

What To Expect : Daily Life as An Intern

Overview of my workspace

All of the unsorted files from what I have learnt here 
They provide us a laptop 

I write to inspire myself when I have some free time
Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I last blogged. Today is 20th May of 2016, lies my 67th day of Internship at Telekom Malaysia Berhad. It's been a decent period of time spent interning here. Today, I think that I might share my daily life as an intern. (Other pictures might be updated later).

My working hour here starts at 8.30am and ends at 5.30pm. But here are somethings that I would like to share with my readers.
0445 : Bath time
0500 : Dress up and pack my bag for work
0510 : Make breakfast, usually I bring nuggets since I use my air fryer and no oil is needed.
0545 : Solat sunat and solat subuh
0550 : Go to work with my dad
0618 : Arrive at Mid Valley's basement and sleep until 7.40am
0800 : Arrive at TM
0830 : Set up my laptop and fill up my attendance
0900 : Start to do my daily work
1000 : Discussion with my supervisor and monitor about the project we are working on
1245 : Go for lunch at Menara TM. Level 3, is my favorite spot to eat
1300 : Lunch with Syeera, my classmate at school
1400 : Go for Solat Zohor
1500 : Usually set up the projector for meeting
1600 : Peak hour *the busiest time* This is the time to do amendments of the slides and report
1700 : Update my daily job log, print slides and Solat Asar
1745 : Off from work
1800 : My dad fetch me from work
1900 : Arrive at home and prepare my dinner
1930 : Solat Mahgrib
2000 : Send my brother to class
2100 : Pick up my brother and buy groceries or go to Tesco (sometimes I visit my hostel room)
2200 : Watch youtube, read novels, whatsapp with friends, write some poetry
0030 : Off to bed

This is what I do on a daily basis, I've been doing the same routine for two months now. The fun part about being an intern is that I get to experience the corporate world and learn new things. Indeed, it is different that Campus life. You need to be serious at work and perform at the most. I do not even have to study at night, except when I have tasks to be done or I need to extract data from the balance sheet that I need to submit on the next day.

Being an intern is tiring, but it is worth the experience. But Campus life is fun because studying is fun, going to classes is fun, going to lunch with friends, and do homework with friends is fun. Appreciate your school days as much as you can. I have been on a roller coaster ride throughout my nearly 10 weeks of internship. To those who is going to be an Intern or going for practical / industrial training, I wish you, goodluck. Till then!


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