Sunday, June 5

What to Expect : Self-Acceptance Part 1

Not gonna lie, sometimes I do feel disheartened by people’s behavior. Without me realizing it, I might not know how my behaviors affect other people’s feelings.

Whatever it is, do not hold grudges. It is better to let go of grudges, and in deed it is for your own sake. If somebody else made you sad, lower down your ego and be the one who clears the problem first.

If you get disappointed in them, remember that you might disappoint another.

Remember, life is a wheel. You get what you deserve. If you are a highly sensitive person like me, it is okay, our type exist. To those people who cannot accept this fact, you got to realize that your type exist too. I am an easily butthurt person, I feel like people secretly hate this behavior of mine and I could tell. But one thing I could say is I am sorry. Try your best to feel happy. Fulfill yourself with positive thoughts, some people are toxic, let them be. You are toxic. 

Let go of the bad things in life. Breathe and take a minute to reflect. Self-reflect is a good technique for you to accept yourself. Not everyone can accept you the way you are but you can. 


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