Sunday, June 5

What to Expect : Self-Acceptance Part 2

How to accept yourself better? 

Be spiritual. It leads to a beautiful mindset. Make your personal prayers more sincere by taking time to think before you pray. Always be thankful of what god gave you. Most of the time, Allah answers our prayer. It is only in a matter of time. If he did not answer your prayers today, He might answer it sooner or later, it is never a No. Recite du’as. Recite zikir. If I feel sad and torn, this is the thing that I would do because whatever it is, turn to Allah. He listens. Humans, they listen too, but not everyone around us want us to be happy. We all have our own agendas. Whatever you do, Allah always comes first.

Next, keep track of a journal. Follow your flow. In your journal, make a list of things you’re thankful for. Every single day, take time to think of specific blessings that often go unnoticed.

Example : 

Sunday 05062016
i) I met an old friend of mine
ii) impromptu lunch
iii) bought a new journal which I can doodle
iv) I got to eat everything I ever craved of before Ramadan started
v) went to a place full of outstanding, gorgeous mirrors

Whenever you’re feeling down, jot it down too. There is always good and bad in every single thing you do in life. Once you are done, pull out your journal and remind yourself of your many blessings.
Do small acts of service for others that will cause them to be very thankful. Give donations to surau or mosque, give a simple present to a friend, send a long text to the people you are grateful of, baking cupcakes for a friend, simple surprise or helping someone with homework are some examples.

Maybe some people do not notice it, but all of the little thing counts. As for me, seeing a friend text or whatsapp me “Hi” really made my day. I don’t know, I like it when people take initiative to text first because it made me feel valued. I also like to approach a friend too, but not most of the time though, I’m afraid that I will annoy anyone. Regardless of any lazy texters, I still feel overjoyed even you replied me every 24 hours once, honestly. 


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