Monday, October 31

What to Expect : The Internship (Appeal For Internship)

Hi everyone! As promised, here is the continuation of the previous post. 

Since I have highlighted that you need to write an appeal letter. I am sure that you will ask yourself, and google "How to write an appeal letter to go for an internship". Yes, that's what I googled before. The issue was, instead of 80 credit hours, my credit hour was 77 credit hours because I have yet to sit for another subject.

Disclaimer : It depends on your lecturer okay, do not put the blame on me or tell your lecturer
"eh this minah said that you can go for intern even though your credit hour is not above the required one" okay?

I did not notice this problem until the 12th week of the semester before internship. I consulted a few lecturers and asked for their help. You need to write a very strong reason for you to really want to go for internship with supporting details. Next you have to show it to the ITC lecturer, get it verified and go to the FOM counter and consult them and GET it done on the same day too. Get it confirmed that you can go for internship.

How to get my appeal letter accepted?

  1. Write the appeal letter
  2. Confirm with lecturer (need to have lecturer's sign and stamp)
  3. Confirm with FOM counter

After that, then you can confirm with the company that offered you a space. (What I did was I accepted the offer first, WRONG, you should take note about this, do not accept before confirming)

Here is how you can write your appeal letter :

Tips to write an appeal letter for Internship :
  1. State the REAL reason (sorry if you have too many subjects to be taken, you need to see your ITC)
  2. You need to say that you HAVE to stick to your course plan
  3. Print out some supporting details (course example)
  4. Tell them that you are afraid that your course structure will be dragged if you do not follow the plan)
  5. Be polite
  6. Do not say "SORRY" so many times, (the lecturer who guided me told me, if you say sorry to many times, it seems petty and desperate)
Okay, I hope this can help you to get you a spot for internship. Good luck! Thank you for reading. Take care.


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