Monday, October 31

What to Expect : What To Bring On The First Day Of Internship

Hi everyone, as for the first day of Internship. You have to bring all of your required forms as shown below. Report duty form will be given to you by the company (I cannot show mine since it is stated that it is PnC by Telekom Malaysia Berhad). Bring those along with you! Do not forget it, your monitor will check your details on the first day.




5 - The files that the company emailed to you

Things to bring :

These printed forms
Two copies (if possible)
Pencil case
A notebook that you will use for the whole internship journey
Laptop (They do not have a laptop for me on the first day)

On the next post, I will share to you about my experience of the first day of Internship and what to expect. Stay tuned! Take care.


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