Friday, May 12

What To Expect : What's Going On

Hello beautiful creatures,

it is Keera, if you are here for the first time, welcome to my blog. I cannot proclaim myself as an avid blogger, but I've been busy with my final year recently. I do not have much time to write here. Anyhow, let's start with our topic today.

So, I have been dealing with a lot of shit with my life these days. There are some stuffs that are too private for me to share with the world. To be very honest, I have been dealing with really bad depression these days. Mind you, I do not have relationship problem or self hate or things like that. To me my family is the most important. It is really hard for me to sleep at night, I am too sad that I just black off and feel tired throughout the day. I do not share my problems with people but I always motivate myself that I have to make through it every single day. That is one thing that I love myself. I love myself for being able to go through my days like other teenager (well, I am no longer a teen but I am a young adult). Despite of my problems, I pray for other people my age to not feel like how I feel. It is worse than a break up nor struggling with your grades. To me that is capable but this is the pain that I cannot endure. I love myself to be able to laugh like normal everyday. I do get tired sometimes, but I always tell myself that I am stronger than this.

Well here is a piece of advice to my readers who are dealing with problems in your life.
Firstly, please remember that god is real. I trust Allah's plan. I know that Allah is there with me. It is not about being pious or religious but if you believe in god's plan, He will ease your way. Second, maybe you think that you are unfortunate to be living in such pain, but please remember that some people might had it worse. Third, I learnt to surround myself around people, do not isolate yourself, thinking that being alone is the best way, it is better that you surround yourself in a sea of faces than getting yourself choked with your own thoughts every single day. I totally understand if you said that you feel alone, and there is nobody to help you or nobody understands you. But it is better if you stay away from your room, get yourself a cup of coffee, and try examine other people's behavior.

I have been surrounded with people who are more than me. They are rich and they have everything. Do I envy them? No. I take it this way, Allah tests me this way because He loves me and He wants me to stay strong and know that I have a long way ahead. If I cannot get through the pain right now, how can I survive in my life? I love myself for being more positive these days. Even things get harder, I have to find a way to survive. Dear readers, if you are lonely, please go to a coffee shop or a library, you will see many people who are alone, everyone has a different story. So do not give up now.

Do not think about your insecurities, such as how ugly you are or how fat you are. Things like that were the issue when you were younger, if you are dealing with this kind of shenanigans, it means that you are still stuck in your past. Look forward, if you are built that way, accept it. I learnt how to accept how I look regardless how crappy I look. It's okay. Try to focus on the goods in life. In shaa Allah, you will make it through. It is cliche if I were to tell you this, but if you do not love the way you are, who is going to love you? Be yourself because everyone has their own stance of beauty. I do not even like how I look like, but I have to accept it. I have better things to worry about, we are getting older from day to day, so start throwing away those insecurities and think about a real life problem. I wish I could tell more about my problem, but it will invade my personal life.

To whoever you are, you are more than this and you are not alone.
Till then!

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