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What to Expect : Budget Trip Malaysia

Hi everyone, it's me! Today I would like to share some of my tips apart of being a broke kid. If you are a student and blessed with money and love, you are considered lucky. Side note, I collected this money using the business money I generated from my igshop : @srym_faced. Alhamdulillah, it is like the only thing that I can be proud of myself. Anyway, that is not the point of this post. As for my university, now is our semester break. So, if you would like to de-stress and have some quality time spent with some friends, here is some "guide" for you. 

(Random Vlog)

idk how to ride a bike HAHAHA

Plan the journey and activity well. plan your trip (of course lol). 
Ours were impromptu, we decided to have this trip because most of us are graduating and there might not be a better chance for us to travel together next time. Impromptu plans are the best, there would be less expectation. The amount of people in the group should not be too many or else it would be harder to control, in my opinion. 

Survey some cheap places to stay for the night. 
Don't settle for hotels.
We went to 3 states in 3 days, which were Kedah, Penang and Perak. We stayed in a "Kampung Sewa" I guess, which consists of a "Rumah Kampung" and "Rumah Batu". There were 9 of us who joined this trip, so the guys slept in Rumah Kampung, whereas the girls slept in Rumah Batu. Double standard much? Lol. How much does it cost? Wait, we'll talk about calculations in a bit.  On the second night, we rent 2 apartments in Penang. 
Rumah Kampung Kedah

First Day : Kedah
Activity  : Long journey from Cyberjaya to Kedah, home town visit, BBQ night and games!
8 hours of journey, unpacked all of the stuffs, bought the food to BBQ at night and play games like Police and Thieves (the usuals)

Second Day : Penang
Activity : (idk how many hours of journey from Penang to Kedah because I slept lol), Nasi Kandar hunting, Bukit Bendera, Old Penang Road (Rid the bikes), Bukit Ferigghi, Dinner and more games.
We spent some generous amount of time at Bukit Bendera, and Old Penang Road. After we had some deserts, we went to sight see the sea and watched the sunset. We had the famous Char Kwey Teow at night and continue with games in the room.

Third Day : Ipoh
Activity : Food Museum, Nasi Vanggay Ipoh Hunting and Cendol.
We had our breakfast at the famous Roti Kawin stall in Penang and we went to explore the Food Museum. It was so worth it. Next, we drove to Ipoh for Nasi Vanggay, some of us never tried Nasi Vanggay. It's famous for the addictive taste of rice and chicken and the special curry. Indeed, addictive! They also call it as Nasi Ganja. We had cendol after that and straight to Puchong. 

Then, yay! The fun part, the calculations. 
Please be aware of your budget, do not swipe on your card or cash out extra money from the ATM because your goal here is to have a Budget Trip

As a broke student,  I do not have much money to spare because I am really tight on budget. Therefore, here are some tips for you.

1. Save up till you have RM350 in your pocket, or else do not join the trip (I collected some cash months before I knew about the existence of this trip) - Petrol, place to stay, food and souvenirs. 
2.  From that RM350, put aside RM50 for emergency or urgent money.
3. Put only RM250 in your envelope, so that you will not overspend. Hide the excess RM100 in another envelope.

Ok, I am going to write down the money I spent here again just in case it is not clear. I had a clear mindset where I can only spend RM250, and save the rest for next trip or so. 

Food (breakfast + lunch) RM20 
Gas money RM22 
Tol RM16 
Room RM10 
Cut fruits RM2  
Mineral Water RM5 
Gas money RM12 
Bukit bendera RM5 
Ice cream RM2.50 
Nasi kandar RM8.80 
Souvenir RM11 
Bicycle RM10 
Starbucks RM5 
Room RM26 
Ice cream RM2 
Parking RM1 
Parking RM1 
Pants RM25 
Shorts RM10 
Dinner RM4 
Roti Talab and Lunch RM10 
Muzeum RM10 
Food and gas RM10 (RM6 and RM4) 
Tol RM18 
Total : RM257.30 (exceeded by RM7.30)

Food : RM75.30 
So in average, I spent around RM25.10 for food in a day. I admit that I love to eat, therefore I spent a lot on my happy tummy.
leftover from BBQ

Roti Talab ke Roti Kawin

Allocation (Room): RM36 
Before it's divided, the price is approximately RM324 for all 9 of us. Note to you, it is for 2 nights stay and 2 room (each room has 2 extra room in it). The mean is around RM18 per night. What a steal! 

Gas Money/ Tol : RM72 
We spent a lot on gas money and tol since we drove two cars and we drove for two states. The lump sum is approximately RM648 for 9 people, with two cars. 

Activities/ Parking : RM28
Yes, activities are cheap, we went to the places that do not really require a lot of money. We went for pictures and memories. 
Cute Rides!

A must go museum!

Souvenirs : RM46

Anyway, I hope some of my tips are a tad bit helpful because to me it is not easy to save money these days. Have a great holiday! Till then.


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