Saturday, May 12

Exhibit A : Cranioplasty and EVD

And this.. my friends.

 It’s called Cranioplasty where they put back the skull that they take off. When the skull has been taken off, they’ll refrigerate the bone in a “Bone Freezer”, I forgot the medical term!! Or they would cut a portion of a patient’s stomach and keep the skull in the stomach till it is ready to be used. The stomach has the suitable temperature for the skull to be stored. If it’s freezed in the “fridge” it will expire and they have to use some other mechanisms to replace the bone. 

I don’t want to gross out some of you. But these are some pictures I googled that’s more like my mom’s. Yes, berat mata memandang, lagi berat bahu yang memikulnya. (Not me, but her)

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