Wednesday, January 29

Visiting Nita Cosmetics' Booth

Hi Friends!
Have you ever heard of the brand Nita Cosmetics? It is a homegrown brand from our local sweetheart, Miss Aznita.

 I know that Nita Cosmetics have been around the market for a few years but honestly, I have been amazed by the packaging, the designs, their creativity and they are always at the forefront of making amazing cute and practical products.

Yes, I have received their PR gift, back in 2019. So far, I really love their lipsticks and blushes. Indeed very decent and high quality. Also, they were the first local brand to come out with their personalized filter and they boosted the fun by doing a huge giveaway. That was their biggest take out for me. Exposure wise was on point. The filter was fun to use.

Ok enough of their background. I went to their physical store or booth located at IOI City Mall, I love the presentation of the vendor and also they have nice staff who works there. Also, you can pay using FAVE to get 10% discount.

Tadaaaaa! I bought these setting spray. Mainly because of the packaging, it feels and look cute with a great quality. They setting spray  can act as a primer before make up as well. It was a great window shopping experience. But I cannot stay long. Or else I will end up purchasing it lol. Great work, Nita Cosmetics, Hats off!


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